1455 U.S. Highway 101 South
Crescent City, CA 95531

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Crescent Beach Motel Local Attractions

Ancient redwoods reaching hundreds of feet into the sky. Pristine waters of the Smith and Klamath Rivers flow freely as they meander through the forests and empty into the magnificent Pacific Ocean. Del Norte County is a place to let go and enjoy the wonders of unspoiled nature and abundant wildlife in amazing diverse habitats.

You’ll find rugged outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting, kayaking, camping, and fishing that make your heart pound with excitement. It's where you can take in the fresh sights, sounds and smells of abundant plant, marine and wildlife without interruption from the hurried outside world. Stay with us at the Crescent Beach Motel in a comfortable ocean front room for a day or a week, your choice.

Del Norte County is home to Saint George Reef Lighthouse and Battery Point Lighthouse, two very diverse lighthouses along the Northern California coast. Battery Point remains fully operational and is easily accessible during low tides and is open from late spring to early fall. Saint George Reef is the most expensive lighthouse ever built in the U.S. and was decommissioned in 1975. It is now being refurbished and is only accessible by helicopter.

If you enjoy birding, you have found paradise! Del Norte is famous for our abundant bird population. Birding tours are offered year round and a Bird and Nature Festival is held each year in May.

Walking through a redwood grove on a fog-shrouded morning can be an unforgettable experience. Sounds are reduced to the musical gurgle of water trickling among ferns and mossy rocks. Light ebbs with the somber mist and shafts of sun hang like cobwebs. Stillness and peace weave their spells upon the adventuring traveler.

Come to Del Norte County for a day or more at the Crescent Beach Motel to refresh, unwind and have an experience you’ll never forget.

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